5 Common AC Problems That You Might Be Experiencing

5 Common AC Problems That You Might Be Experiencing

5 Common AC Problems That You Might Be Experiencing

It is not unusual for air conditioners to develop technical problems as usage increases. When such a situation arises, you should resolve the problem asap as delaying repairs costs higher in the long run. If you are unable to do it yourself, call in an HVAC expert qualified to do air conditioning repair Frisco TX.

Ignoring the problem and letting it run will have damaging effects on the AC unit. Some common scenarios where you require the assistance of a professional technician include:

Leaking Refrigerant (Coolant)

The coolant in your AC unit ensures that the air in your room is cooled. As such, any refrigerant leaks will hinder the cooling process.

The refrigerant in your air conditioner can leak due to a number of reasons ranging from manufacturing defects and faulty installations to corrosion of metal components containing the Freon coolant.

Coolant leaks are harmful to health since Freon is a highly toxic substance. As such, you should immediately call in an HVAC expert for air conditioning repair Frisco TX to check out and rectify the issue.

Dirty Filters

If air filters in your AC unit get dirty, it will affect the airflow in the system and rooms will not be cooled properly. You can take out the dirty filter and try cleaning it to resume the regular flow.

In case the filter is reusable, it is recommended that you carry out the cleaning process regularly; at least once every month. Else, you will have to replace it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Compressor Damages

If there are excessive dust and pollutants in the air conditioner, the unit may not be able to flush out warm air from the system. As such, the AC unit may exert itself and work non-stop in order to cool the room.

The increased temperature and pressure within the system can have a damaging effect on the compressor as it will overheat and subsequently stop operating. You will have to call in a service technician in such cases.

Capacitor Problems

The capacitor stabilizes voltage and provides the initial spark to start the motors of the AC unit. A faulty capacitor means that the fans won’t work and the entire AC unit will essentially become useless. This problem can be solved by replacing the capacitor.

Before it stops working, the capacitor may make a clicking noise. If you hear it, then it’s your cue that you need to call in the professionals.

Breaker Issues

The breaker in an AC unit is the component which protects the system from excess current and prevents other components like the compressor, motors, etc. from overheating. If the breaker constantly trips, then you should ask a technician to check it out.

Blocked Drainage

If the drain pipes in your AC system are blocked, then the water generated from the air conditioner will not be flushed out of the unit. This can cause a buildup of water inside the system and damage the air conditioner. To avoid this, identify the blocked areas in the drain pipes and remove it.

If you need professional assistance in solving problems with your AC unit, hire an experienced HVAC technician like Airmax for air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX.  Call us on (972) 382-3200 or contact us for more information on how we can help you maintain your AC in top condition.

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