5 Steps to a Romantic Home


Refresh your home with love and comfort. This spring, add some sweetness to your home to make date nights in comfortable and cozy for you and your loved one! Airmax has a guide that will make your home an oasis of luxury and comfort. Instead of having to leave for the movie theater to get cooled off and refreshed, you’ll be able to enjoy romantic candlelight dinners, movie night, and more dates at home with our simple steps.

  1. Make the living room a welcoming environment to have movie night or play board games over a glass of wine. Add plush pillows and a throw blanket to your living room. Choose soft, light fabrics that don’t generate too much warmth to add an inviting touch to refresh the room.
  2. Make your kitchen a clean, inviting environment to share cocktails and spend time together cooking. To set up an inviting space, look for appliances you can clear from sight on the counters and put them in cupboards. Simplifying the space of clutter will make it more inviting to linger here. Clean surfaces will invite spontaneous cooking together on a whim.
  3. Get comfortable. Make sure the whole house feels that perfectly comfortable temperature by getting air conditioning installation in Celina, TX. Having a well-working air conditioner will allow you to relax together and cuddle close, even when it’s roasting outside. Better air quality and not having to worry about your AC suddenly stopping in the middle of quality time together is worth the call for annual maintenance service. Also, remember to change your air filters once a month to keep the air clear for your time together to be its best!Airmax
  4. Add springtime color with plants and flowers. Planting some annuals outside is an inexpensive fun activity to do together that will allow you to feel welcomed home. Plan ahead for this time together by preparing some fresh cold lemonade. Give it at least an hour in the fridge to chill so you can come into the cool home air and collapse into the couch together with a refreshing drink after your time planting outdoors.
  5. Create an inviting bedroom. Reduce heat from the outdoors by installing crisp, fresh curtains. They will help keep out the sun to keep the room cool and cozy while also adding privacy. Thinks about the simplicity and romance of a hotel bed you can rush to enjoy and try to replicate that i your own bedroom. Look for clutter to store or donate, and make the bed. Add a single rose or fresh cut flower in a vase on the nightstand to make the room romantic.

You might not think much about air conditioners when it comes to romance, but think about how difficult comfort would be if your home was as hot as outside. Getting your home setup for time together doesn’t have to be difficult but none of this will work without a comfortably cool temperature. Give Airmax a call for air conditioning installation in Celina, TX at (877) 897-3294.