Are You Ready With Your Air Conditioner to Beat the Summer Heat?

Are You Ready With Your Air Conditioner to Beat the Summer Heat?

Are You Ready With Your Air Conditioner to Beat the Summer Heat?

Most Americans face the most substantial energy expenses in heating and cooling their homes. If you live in perfect spring weather, you might enjoy low utility bills during the entire year. But those who live in the hot climate during summer days, will prefer running their air conditioners round the clock to make it feel like spring, and feel comfortable.

You may need to spend a little more than your regular monthly budget if your air conditioner is not ready. And without a healthy air conditioning system, you may hurt your pocket massively when paying high utility bills.

You Can Save by Following Some of These DIY Steps To Set up Your AC

1. Clean the Filters:
This is the most natural thing you can do to maintain the overall health of your AC. But many people skip doing this step more often. If you want your AC to run smoothly while providing expected cooling to your house, you need to clean the filters every month. You can also replace the filters if needed.

2. Clean the Condensation Lines: The pipe carrying condensation away from your AC can also get clogged. A clogged pipe may back up the condensation into the air conditioner or to your house, causing you messy problems and big repair bills. You can ignore the mess by locating where the pipe drains out and making sure that it’s draining correctly.

3. Clean the Coils of the Outside Unit: The outside unit of your AC requires equal attention as the inside unit does. The outdoor unit of your AC collects dust, mud, and other wrecks if it’s not covered. It may cause the outer unit to get clogged, and your AC may run slowly.

If your external unit is lightly soiled, you can manage cleaning it yourself. Simply disconnect the power supply, and spray down the outside unit with the help of a garden hose. But if your outer unit is heavily soiled, you must call at (972) 382-3200 for a commercial air conditioner cleaner to do the job.

4. Clean the Fins: Along with cleaning the outer unit coils, the fins also need attention to help your AC run better. You can use a toothbrush or a car cleaning brush to clean the fins of the outer unit. You need to gently run the brush while cleaning the fins by yourself, making sure that it doesn’t bend the thin metal.

5. Level the Concrete Slab: The outer unit of your AC must be resting on a concrete slab. But are you sure if the concrete slab is level? You need to make sure it is. Because if it is not, you may have a hard time keeping your house cool. If your concrete slab is not level, you can do that by adding gravel underneath until it is level.

So what measure are you taking to keep your AC ready for the summer? Along with all the steps mentioned above, don’t forget to check if there is any leakage, disconnected joints, or separated pieces in the ductwork of your AC. If you find any leakage, you need to seal that, to help your AC cool as expected. If you find any major repair while doing so, call at (972) 382-3200, and get professional help from a technician from Airmax, Inc.

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