Do a spring cleansweep for more family fun and relaxation

Airmax, Inc.

This spring, make you and your loved ones more comfortable than ever with these tips from our team. It’s a season of new starts and budding blooms, so invite the change into your home environment with some fun ways to refresh your home. Over 29 years of experience with air conditioning repair in Celina, TX makes Airmax Inc. an easy choice when you need help getting your family cool and comfortable in the Texas heat and humidity. See how these ideas bring comfort to your home.

  1. Make the entrance a stress-free zone. When backpacks, jackets, and soccer cleats explode into the front entry, just entering the front door can feel like the stress of a workday is starting at home. Break the cycle of a drop and go lifestyle by creating actual spaces for the stuff you and your family members need at hand when you come and go out the door. Try a bench with cubby holes or a chest you can fill and grab items from easily. Hooks, a coat rack, or shelving are other options if you’re limited to vertical space. Also, check periodically for seasonal items no longer needed at a moment’s reach. Winter items or toys and sports stuff not being used can go back into the bedroom closets or donated to charity.
  2. Laugh more together with a fun movie night. Pick a funny movie to watch together on the weekend. Make it special with some homemade caramel corn. Check out an online recipe or follow these steps if you’re already familiar with making popcorn from scratch. For a half cup of unpopped corn, use ⅓ cup brown sugar and 4 tablespoons of butter with a dash of salt. Make popcorn as usual with about a tablespoon of vegetable oil and pour it into a bowl to set aside. Melt the butter and add the sugar and salt on medium heat stirring constantly in the same pot used for the popcorn. Once combined, add the popcorn to the caramel sugar mix with a wooden spoon. After coating it, allow it to cool for a bit before serving it to the family. It’s delicious!
  3. Plan a trip to a local historic site or park. Walk together for health and learn something new about the area. Pack some beverages and snacks for a picnic or quick bite to eat.
  4. Make sure everyone’s cozy at home. Make sure the kids get a good night’s sleep and come home to relax by keeping the home AC maintained. If you need a air conditioning repair in Celina, TX, have a technician from Airmax Inc. out to fix the problem instead of letting it linger and possibly get worse.
  5. Have the kids plan a weekend breakfast. Give them some ideas for menu options and give the kids the experience of being the family chefs. Be the sous chef and help with prep work with knives. They’ll enjoy getting to take charge of a meal and may ask to help in the kitchen more often.

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