How a Simple Setting of the Temperature on the Thermostat Can Save You Big Bucks These Hot Summer Months

How a Simple Setting of the Temperature on the Thermostat Can Save You Big Bucks These Hot Summer Months

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The temperatures can ascend inside your homes and can be too uncomfortable in these summer months in Texas. Keeping your home pleasant with your air conditioner can be very costly. A cooling system should give you convenience and comfort inside your house. A HVAC contractor in Celina, TX understands that homeowners are deeply concerned about not getting caught up with enormous energy bills to pay, while still preserving the comfort they crave at home. Nobody really wants to sweat it out profusely in these summer months. Your home is a haven and sacrificing your comfort because of worrying about a huge bill can be exasperating.

A Solution to Save You Money

A very simple solution to managing your cooling system is to adjust the thermostat setting according to your preferences and style. Always consider what temperature will provide you a pleasant environment and the most cost-effective for you. A HVAC contractor in Celina, TX which is Airmax Inc has always been very upfront with its customers. The company consistently tell their clients that keeping the temperature of the thermostat closer to the degrees outside of the house is a sure way to save money on utility bills.

A lot of people don’t seem to know how critical the thermostat setting is for saving energy. This is one simple tip that will surely save you money while still keeping you comfortable in these long hot summer days.

Recommended Thermostat Setting

It sure is very comfortable to set the temperatures in the 60’s in the summer. However, this would set your bill into hundreds of dollars over what it should be. Ideally, during the warm weather, the temperature in your thermostat setting should be 78 degrees. This is when you are at home. Whenever you are out, you may consult with a HVAC contractor in Celina, TX to possibly raise the setting so the cooling system to only operate when the temperature gets to 88 degrees.

It is very well known that every degree higher the setting in the thermostat is over 78 degrees in the summer months, the more you can save up from six to eight percent off your utility bill. That is six to eight percent, PER DEGREE. Great savings for sure!

To get an adequate level of comfort, you should always try to set the thermostat’s temperature to the highest possible level you are able to tolerate. When the temperature in the thermostat is closer to the degrees outside of your home, your cooling system works less and this lowers your energy bill considerably.

Your Body Adjusts

Adjusting to a warmer temperature inside your home takes a little bit more time getting used to but this is very favorable to your budget. You may increasingly set the temperature daily to get accustomed to a higher thermostat setting. Increase one degree each day. It is amazing how your body can adapt to the changing temperature inside your home that even 78 degrees in the summer months will feel comfortable for you.

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