How Can You Improve Your Air Conditioner Cooling Remotely?

How Can You Improve Your Air Conditioner Cooling Remotely?

With so many developments in air conditioning technology, it’s understandable if the complex titles and symbols on your air conditioner remote control confuse you. Here, we’ll go over a couple of the AC modes that are commonly seen on an AC remote, as well as other modern features that your unit may have. And if your AC is not working correctly, then look for an AC Repair in Mckinney, TX.

Your Remote Control’s AC Modes

Here are a few common ones that you should be aware of and use to your advantage.

Cooling Mode – Your air conditioner’s compressor is usually turned on in this mode, and cold air comes into the room. When the internal temperature sensor in the AC determines that the desired temperature has been reached, the compressor will turn off, and just the fan will run.

This setting is the most energy-intensive setting on your air conditioner’s remote control. If the adjusted temperature is lower, it will run more compared to a higher temperature.

Dry mode – By switching the compressor on and off for brief periods, the dry method reduces excess humidity from your home space. Meanwhile, the fan is running at a low speed. The compressor run-time is set so that it cuts off when the humidity sensor of the AC detects a low enough humidity level. If your compressor is facing a problem, then look for AC Replacement in Mckinney, TX.

Heating Mode – In this mode, airflow is reversed, providing hot air to us. Instead of being blown out into the surroundings, hot air is injected into the rooms. Outside, on the other hand, cold air is evacuated.

The running compressor provides hot air to us. Instead of cool air, the compressor now produces warm air, ideal for the winter months.

Automatic Mode – The auto mode on your air conditioner remote control is used to attain and maintain a specific temperature set point. The compressor and fan speed of the air conditioner are automatically adjusted per the current room temperature. After the target temperature is reached, the fan is sometimes switched off to save even more electricity. If it does not work correctly, then look for an AC Repair in Mckinney, TX.

Eco Mode – It is a feature available now on almost every modern air conditioner remote control. It works by maximizing the efficiency of your compressor and fan to attain the correct temperature with the least amount of electricity. Some people set the intended temperature a few degrees higher than the one you choose. The compressor is switched off when the AC reaches this temperature, but the fan speed is maintained. This helps to achieve and maintain the optimum temperature while consuming minimal energy. Using this mode is one of the best options for you.

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