How Can You Replace Rotted Insulation On Your Air Conditioner?

How Can You Replace Rotted Insulation On Your Air Conditioner?

Summer is around the corner and it is ready to bring the heat. And we should be prepared with our AC’s for it. The cooling effect of AC’s helps us handle hot and exhausting summers. We are aware that AC insulation is important as it enhances the overall performance of our AC units by reducing heat.

Airmax is here to solve all your concerns about AC replacement in McKinney, TX, or rotted AC insulation. Before this, let’s understand the problems with insulation and its solution.

Rotted AC Insulation


Insulation provides many benefits like low energy consumption, efficient cooling, more thermostat efficiency, and preventing condensation. But as it gets older, its condition will eventually also worsen. One of the most common problems we face with AC insulation is rotting. When you find that your AC isn’t working like it used to, then the reason could be that your insulation is rotted.

The Outcome of Rotted Insulation:

  •  Poor thermal performance
  •  Lessor negligible cooling
  •  More energy consumption
  •  Higher electricity bill
  •  Condensation of water vapor
  •  Uneven cooling
  •  Loss of energy

Though it has many unfavorable outcomes, this can be solved easily if you fix it on time. To replace the rotted insulation, you need to adhere to some necessary instructions.

Tools Required For Insulation Replacement:

  •  Insulation tape
  •  A knife or blade
  •  Adhesive
  •  A tape for measurement
  •  New insulation

Step by Step Guide to Replacing The Totted Installation:

Step 1
Remove the rotted insulation using the utility knife. Be attentive and protect the pipe from being cut while removing the insulation.

Step 2
Measure the length of either the old insulation or the AC pipe before ordering the new one to ensure that the new insulation fits well. Don’t forget to order the insulation tape also.

Step 3
Measure your AC pipe and cut down the insulation accordingly. Place the insulation on the AC pipe covering the whole pipe.

Step 4
After placing the insulation over the pipe, remove the adhesive near the slit on your insulation, and press the seams to stick the insulation together.

Things to Keep in Mind While Following the Insulation Process:

  •  Do not cut the pipe while removing the insulation
  •  Leave extra inches of your new insulation after measuring 8 to avoid the problem of incorrect measurement
  •  You can also use insulation tape with adhesive to seal it better

Just follow these four steps: remove, measure, order, install, and the replacement of rotted insulation is done. You can also contact us to replace the insulation to save your time and energy and to prevent the risk of improper installation.

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