How Do You Calculate An Air Conditioner Size For A Room?

How Do You Calculate An Air Conditioner Size For A Room?

When you plan on buying a new air conditioner, you might come across the acronym BTU. You might start wondering what it stands for or how it is of any help to you.

What is BTU?

As the name suggests, British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a unit to measure the amount of energy your air conditioning unit consumes per hour. Finding the right size of AC is essential because every home is built differently.

It may seem too technical initially, but BTU is a basic metric unit that helps you determine what size of air conditioning is best suited for your house. Investing in an AC without calculating BTU could cause you a lot of hassle.

The size of your air conditioner depends not only on the size of your house but also on roof type, the height of the ceiling, number of windows, type of insulation, and other such factors.

Why Should BTU be Considered Important?

BTU helps measure how much heat is let out of your house every hour to make your house cool. You can easily calculate BTU online. All you have to do is measure the room’s square footage and ceiling height and feed that data into a BTU calculator online and answer a few more questions, and there, your answers will appear.

BTU calculator tells you how much energy your AC consumes in removing the heat from your room using an intricate system of coils and fans and replacing it with cool air that provides comfort to your family. You don’t need to be an HVAC technician to understand what this BTU rating means. It simply helps you choose the best size of AC unit.

Getting an air conditioner with BTUs that exceeds the recommended square footage in your home can cause immature breakdowns. You might have to shell out the extra cash for periodic repairs. Also, an air conditioner with few BTUs isn’t the best either. The AC will never be enough to cool the house and will always be on. It will provide insufficient cooling, consume a lot of energy, and cost you more on energy bills.

What is The Right Amount of BTU For your Air Conditioner?

The recommended BTU of an air conditioner required per square foot is about 20 BTUs. You need to multiply the square footage of your house by 20. For example, if your house is a 1000-square-foot, you should look for an AC unit of around 20,000 BTUs. Although this is just an estimate, a proper BTU calculation will include the roof type, ceiling height, and other factors.

Air conditioner size does not mean the unit’s physical size. The size of the unit is expressed in metrics, evaluating the energy it needs to remove the heat from the room in an hour. A proper AC unit size matters because the AC will work to its full potential and efficiency only when purchased according to the suggested BTU.

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