How Do You Troubleshoot Daikin Furnace?

How Do You Troubleshoot Daikin Furnace?

Furnaces are amazing machines that keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter. Now, Daikin furnaces are known for their high-efficiency rating. So, if you have one, you are most probably away from extensive repairs.

However, like all machines, some problems might occur and that’s when you need to call a Daikin furnace service near me. Meanwhile, here is a little guide on how to troubleshoot your Daikin furnace on your own. So, let’s take a deeper look into the common issues that might occur and tips to troubleshoot them.

Five Common Daikin Furnace Issues And How To Troubleshoot Them:

  • Inadequate Heating

If you feel that your Daikin furnace isn’t producing enough heat, there might be issues with the electrical components. For example, the electrical circuit board which supplies electricity to your furnace might be shorted. While you can fix it by resetting the furnace’s circuit breaker, you need to replace it if it is blown.

Another most common reason is that the furnace’s igniter is broken or faulty. Check for any cracks and replace if required. Don’t attempt using a multimeter if it still doesn’t work. Handling electrical components can be dangerous; it’s always best to call a professional from HVAC repair in Frisco, TX.

  • Irregular Cycling

A malfunctioning thermostat can be a major culprit here. Or even the wrong settings can cause irregular cycling. You can quickly fix it if you have an adjustable calibration scale thermostat by adjusting the heat anticipator. However, if it doesn’t address the issue or the scale isn’t adjustable, get it replaced by a professional.

  • Blowing Cold Air Instead Of Warm

The main reason behind a Daikin furnace blowing cold air can be a burnt-out blower motor. But if this isn’t the case, a broken connector belt might be the culprit. You can examine both cases in these easy ways:

  • Check if the motor is receiving any power. If it is on but still not working, it’s most likely burnt out.
  • The connector belt is broken even if the motor runs fine, but you don’t feel the air blowing.

You need to get the respective component replaced by a Daikin furnace service near me in both cases.

  • Excessive Airflow

If the blower motor regulator has stopped working, it will send uncontrolled voltage to the motor. In such cases, the regulator needs to be replaced.

Another possibility is that the contact controlling the blower motor may be stuck shut. This results in the continual operation of the blower. You can use a multimeter to check the voltage continuity and if the problem is persistent, replace it.

  • Short Cycling

If your furnace’s flame sensor starts malfunctioning, it won’t be able to detect the flame. You can fix it by cleaning the gunk with a fine abrasive pad.

If you are still experiencing any of these issues after troubleshooting, it’s time to talk to one of our technicians. We provide the best quality heating services in Frisco, TX. Give us a call at (972) 382-3200 to schedule a service today!

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