How Much Does AC Repair Usually Cost?

How Much Does AC Repair Usually Cost?

Many people take owning a functioning air conditioning machine for granted, especially in hot summers. When such an air conditioning machine fails, though, it becomes evident exactly how much we were relying on it. Regrettably, air conditioning equipment seems to always fail at the most inconvenient times.

If your ac has stopped working, calling for an HVAC repair in Frisco, TX, is the best option. However, most people seem to avoid doing so in fear of expensive bills and repair payments. Whenever this occurs, it’s critical to understand the average cost of air conditioning service, where to get the unit repaired promptly, and how to choose the correct technician.

The Average Cost of Ac Repair

For modest procedures like a tune-up, Freon refill, fan motor repair, or battery installation, the cost ranges from $125 to $459 on average. Most AC repair in Frisco companies charge $50 to $150 per hour, with some charging a $70 to $200 minimum service call fee or they might have a fixed cost. Replacement of the compressors, evaporator coil, or condenser coil costs $500 to $2,000, usually for more significant AC repairs.

The cost of repairing a damaged air conditioner varies based on the nature of the issue and the air conditioner’s type. Of course, with routine maintenance from an HVAC repair in Frisco, TX, and prompt treatment of the most typical problems, your air conditioner may last a long period, maybe even up to 20 years.

Cost of Repairing Specific Parts

Repair part
AC service call $75 – $200
AC tune-up $85 – $110
AC refrigerant leak repair $225 – $1,500
AC fan motor replacement $225 – $700
Condensate drain tube $100 – $165
Circuit breakers, fuses $75 – $290
Thermostat replacement $75 – $575
AC filter drier replacement $52 – $159
Ductwork repair $300 – $500
Evaporator coil replacement $675 – $1300
Condenser coil replacement $581 – $3610

Factors Affecting The Cost of AC Repair

Additionally, several elements might influence the cost of air conditioning servicing. These are some of the factors

  • Age

An air conditioner has a 15-year average lifetime. AC units, like humans, wear out and slow down as time passes. As a result, the older the machine is, the more costly the repair. Although the degree of the repair will undoubtedly influence your usual HVAC repair in Frisco, TX, expense, old age will also play a part.

  • Time

Unfortunately, HVAC problems often seem to occur at the most inconvenient times. Since most of us don’t turn on the air conditioner until just before the summertime or late spring, this is the case. This is the time of year when chilly, consistent air is most welcomed.

Because HVAC technicians know they’ll be extremely popular throughout the summer, they’ll raise prices more than if the repair is needed in January or October.

  • Capacity & Power 

Your typical AC repair cost will be cheaper if the unit is more effective (or newer). Keep in mind that even if your high-efficiency repair fee is expensive, you’re nevertheless saving money on fuel via your power and gas bills each month. Furthermore, larger units need more effort than small components.

  • Maintenance 

There is essential routine maintenance that all households should think about if they want to prolong the range of their air conditioner. Routine servicing from an AC repair in Frisco also eliminates some of the damages that less organized homeowners have to deal with every few years.

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