How Often Should One Get AC Gas Filling Done?

How Often Should One Get AC Gas Filling Done?

How Often Should One Get AC Gas Filling Done?

An air conditioner sucks out hot air from the rooms and blows cool air to bring down the room temperature. Every AC unit, regardless of the model, has refrigerant liquid in it. This is a special type of fluid that keeps on cycling through the unit to ensure you get cool airflow. It is a continuous process. When your AC or HVAC system is installed, it is equipped with enough refrigerant to last its expected lifespan. However, in some instances, the users have to opt for a refrigerant refill.

Why Is A Refrigerant Refill Needed?

Not every user has the same AC usage needs. Some users use the device at night or during a few hours in the afternoon. There are others who keep the AC switched on most of the times. However, increased usage does not necessarily lead to AC refrigerant depletion. Refrigerant refilling is needed when there is a leakage. This source of the leak must be located, and refilling has to be done to ensure the system works properly.

How to Find Out About the Refrigerant Leak?

You cannot predict when refrigerant leakage will occur, and you will have to hire an agency for AC repair in Plano, TX. However, there are a few signs to detect AC refrigerant leakage. These are:

  • Reduced Cooling Efficacy: You can run the AC at a desired temperature. You get habituated to a certain level of cooling gradually. When there is a leakage, the cooling will be inadequate. If you notice the deficit in cooling efficiency, it is time to hire a suitable AC repair agency.
  • Lukewarm Air: Sometimes, refrigerant leakage may result in the AC unit blowing out warm air inside the room, instead of reduced cooling. If you experience this, waste no time and contact a suitable company for AC repair in McKinney, TX.
  • Evaporator Coil Ice Formation: The most prominent sign of refrigerant leakage is ice formation on the evaporator coil exterior. The ice then acts as an insulating barrier between the air and the refrigerant, stressing the AC compressor.

When you spot any of these signs, it is imperative that you hire a veteran AC repair agency. Running an AC with such symptoms will stress its compressor and parts, and decrease its lifespan.

Preventive Steps

You can take a few steps to ensure the risk of refrigerant leakage is reduced. This will also ensure the frequency of refilling is not too much.

  • Put the AC’s external unit in a shaded or cool place. It will perform better if it is not exposed to harsh sunlight.
  • The compressor and coils should not get exposed to too much debris and dirt.

Summing It Up

If you use an AC unit carefully, it may run for 10-12 years without requiring a gas refill. However, the actual output will be affected by usage. It is better if you sign up with a reputed AC service and repair company for yearly maintenance. This way, you will be able to detect leakage and reduce its possibility. Your best option in this regard is Airmax, Inc.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Most commonly, Freon was used in ACs. Also known as R22, this gas is colorless. However, this gas has been shown to cause ozone depletion, and hence its use as AC gas is being reduced significantly. To replace this, other refrigerants are also used in ACs, and include the likes of R32, R410, R290, R600A, etc. The use of gases depends on the country of manufacturing of the AC unit and on some other regulations.

The majority of the new split air conditioners have R410 gas. The reason is that this gas has proved to be highly efficient, and causes no ozone layer depletion at all. Apart from this gas, many split air conditioners also use R32 as the refrigerant. The problem with this gas is that it is inflammable. R22 or Freon has been used for a long time as AC refrigerant, but its ozone-depleting properties are disturbing.

The rates charged by an air conditioner serviceman vary from one area to another. Location is a major factor in this costing. Also, the work that needs to be done also decides the price. On average, the cost of an air conditioner serviceman is approximately $150 - $200. While some servicemen charge on an hourly basis of work, some have fixed rates for their services. The more the work, higher are the rates.

When the evaporator coil in the air conditioner machine gets cold, air moisture accumulates on it, and it freezes. The evaporator coil actually cools the warm air which comes from your home. But when there is a lack of warm air blowing across the evaporator coil, the refrigerant becomes extremely cold. As a result, the AC pipes or the refrigerant line which connects to the outdoor unit, freezes. Working on the evaporator coils helps in this situation.

Hiring a licensed HVAC contractor is always a good idea if your HVAC system needs repair, servicing, or maintenance. A licensed contractor will also be certified and will be an expert in his job. He will know the working of the HVAC system entirely, and can locate issues and resolve them satisfactorily. Moreover, such contractors have the required tools and equipment for HVAC works. Licensed contractors are also insured and safe to hire.

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