How To Know The BTU AC Requirement of Your Home?

How To Know The BTU AC Requirement of Your Home?

When professionals talk about the size of AC, they aren’t referring to the appliance’s physical measurements. Instead, it denotes that the cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). It measures the amount of energy necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree. The number of BTUs produced by each air conditioner or heater is specified.

BTU chart for air conditioners

Specialists like AC repair Frisco suggest that the BTU calculations are generally based on an 8-foot ceiling, two windows, and one door in a standard room. Adjust the BTUs upward if the room has additional windows, doors, or higher ceilings. Stoves and ovens generate more heat in kitchens, and computers and other devices generate extra heat in rooms. As a result, these rooms would demand a more oversized air conditioner.

How to Estimate The Size?

Find out the width & length of the space or area to be cooled to get the size or contact the air conditioning contractor in Mckinney, TX. Then multiply that number by 25 to get a practical number BTU. Assume the room is 12 feet broad and 15 feet long. That’s a total of 180 square feet at 12×15. The minimum BTU AC you should buy is 180 sq. ft. multiplied by 25 BTU per square foot. That means a cooling capacity of 4500 BTU.

What to Consider When Sizing An AC?

  • Sunny Room: More BTU

Professionals like AC repair in Frisco recommend that solar heat gain is one of the most important considerations when determining the cooling load for a room, especially if the space has wide windows. Some sunny rooms require twice the amount of air conditioning as dark rooms. The base capacity for a 20×20′ space is between 9,000 and 10,000 BTU.

On the other hand, most air conditioners have cooling capacities of 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU, and higher. If your room is sweltering, you may need to upgrade from 10,000 BTU to 11,000 BTU, equivalent to a one-size-up from 0.75 Ton to 1 Ton air conditioner. However, you can use a 0.75 Ton air conditioner if you use thick curtains or darken the windows. You can also take help from a professional air conditioning contractor in Mckinney, TX.

  • More People: More BTU

In a 400-square-foot space, you’ll be able to accommodate more than two people. We must add 600 BTU for each additional person. Let’s pretend five people sit there regularly. So, we’ll need to add 1,800 BTU to the essential capacity. If the living room is hot, you’ll require a total capacity of 12,800 BTU or a 1 Ton air conditioner. Specialists like air conditioning services in Mckinney, TX, say that you may get away with a base capacity of 10,000 BTU and a 0.75 Ton air conditioner if you use thick curtains.

  • Heat Generating Kitchen: More BTU

Due to the heat input from kitchen appliances, you’ll need to add 4,000 BTU to your 400 square foot space. If the kitchen is incorporated, you can easily upgrade the air conditioner by one size.

Enlisting the help of an HVAC expert like an air conditioning service in Mckinney, TX, is the best method to acquire an accurate estimate. Airmax provides a solid reference to how BTU can efficiently heat your room. Call us at 972-382-3200 to know more about our services.

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