How To Recognize When your AC Needs Replacement

How To Recognize When your AC Needs Replacement

How To Recognize When your AC Needs Replacement

Summer is here, and with the pastures soaring, you learn to keep cool. There’s a major problem though – your AC isn’t working. Does your air-conditioner need replacing? Contact our friendly team for your AC replacement McKinney TX. We understand the need to have your housekeeping cool, and will do all we can to get your AC fitted in a timely manner.

The Big Question: Repair Or Replacement

We understand the importance of knowing if your AC needs a bit of maintaining, repair or a full replacement. We are here to help, and below are a few things you can check to determine if your AC needs repairs or a full replacement

My AC Won’t Turn On

Is your AC not turning on? After checking all connections to your house and all is plugged in, try starting your AC again. Still no go? Chances are there is a major issue with your AC that makes replacement necessary. Contact us at Airmax Inc for your AC replacement McKinney TX. We will check the problem and provide a full replacement if needed.

My Air-Conditioner Is Blowing Less Air Than Usual

If your air-conditioner is blowing less air than usual, it’s time to look at a replacement. Similarly, if your air-conditioner is blowing warm or hot air in spite of adjusting your thermostat to the right temperature, your air-conditioner could be on its last legs. Contact us now for a replacement.

I Am Doing A Lot Of Repairs To My AC

If you are constantly having to fork out money for repairs for your AC, it’s time to consider a replacement. The cost of repairs will outweigh the cost of a replacement, especially if your unit is out of warranty. Contact our support team now to start the process.

Hearing Strange Noises From My AC Unit

Is your air-conditioner making strange noises when you turn it on? It could be that some parts need replacement, but depending on which parts need repair, it may be cheaper to replace the whole unit. Some parts such as the fan are very costly, and a full replacement will be needed in this case. Contact us for advice.

My Air-Conditioner Is Really Old

Is your air-conditioner more than 10 years old. Most will last a good 10 years, but after this time they reach their used by date. Airmax Inc. recommends a replacement after this time, as things will go wrong as your unit ages. Contact our friendly customer support team to get a quote on your AC replacement McKinney TX. 

How We Can Help

Airmax Inc provides premium AC replacement McKinney TX. We have friendly support staff who will take your call. Our contractors are fully qualified to do your replacement, holding recognized certifications. We also provide 24/7 support to all our customers. To organize a replacement for your unit, contact us today! Our phone number is (972) 382-3200 or reach out to our friendly Contact Us page.


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