How To Reset Daikin Furnace?

How To Reset Daikin Furnace?

The furnace is one of the integral parts of the home. It works by heating the air in residential and commercial buildings. Daikin Furnaces come with an exceptional range of mid-priced and highly efficient furnaces. These furnaces feature advanced designs like variable-speed blowers and secondary heat exchangers.

Furnaces often trip the reset button when they identify any sign of potential fire hazard or overheating. Homeowners must keep a close watch on the unit for safety. Furnaces are used continuously to provide heat in the cold winters. One must fix routine maintenance with Daikin furnace repair near me to save themselves from the inconvenience and increase utility bills.

Steps To Reset Daikin Furnace

Daikin’s Furnaces are extremely user-friendly. It is very simple and straightforward. When furnaces fall into reset, the filter or pilot light is to blame.

Resetting involves checking and resolving those parts of the unit. Homeowners must reset the furnace before calling expert technicians. The following are the steps involved;

  • Step 1: Flip the switch OFF

The first and foremost step in resetting the furnace is locating the switch on the side of your Daikin Furnace. Every furnace has an electrical switch that will cut the power supply. Homeowners must start by flipping off that switch. It will be located on the exterior of the unit. One must also turn the furnace breaker off from the fuse box to cut all the electrical inputs. This needs to be done to safeguard one from being electrocuted.

  • Step 2: Wait for 5 minutes and open the side panel

One must wait for at least 5 minutes to reset the electrical setting. Now, open or slide the panel off the furnace. With the door open, homeowners must inspect the filter (flat cardboard) on the side of the furnace.

Dirty filters are one of the most common causes of the unit getting overheated due to poor airflow. Homeowners can clean the filter if it is a plastic one with water and a clean cloth. In other cases, one must call the Daikin furnace service near me to get the filters changed.

  • Step 3: Turn the heat up

Homeowners must set their thermostat at least 75°F or 5° higher than the current set temperature to give the furnace a kick start while resetting. This is done to avoid the temperature sensors on the thermostat interfering with the resetting.

One must not forget to set the control unit to “Heat”. After the inspection of the filter, put the filter back in place.

  • Step 4: Locate the reset button

The reset button in Daikin’s Furnace is usually located below the bowler. Homeowners must be careful while reaching for the reset button as it may be hot. If you cannot find the button, you can look into the user manual for a better understanding.

After locating the reset button, you can press and hold the button for 30 seconds. One must switch the fuse back on. And then wait for one minute for the unit to start again. If the unit doesn’t start working, press and holds it again. If the problem persists, one must call Daikin Furnace near me to get it checked by expert professionals. We can help you save money on Daikin furnace repair near me. Schedule an appointment today with our experienced technicians by calling us at (972) 382-3200.

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