Is It Okay For An AC To Run Constantly?

Is It Okay For An AC To Run Constantly?

It is typical for the temperature in Dallas to go above 90 degrees. While the temperature is extremely hot, often people want to keep running their air conditioner inside the house as much as they can. But is that a good idea?

You Should Be Concerned When

There are situations where you should be concerned about your air conditioner and wonder if there is a problem.

One such situation is you are not feeling comfortable even after your AC is running non-stop. As a result, humidity is in the air, or parts of your room are warmer than the rest.

Another situation could be when the temperature set on the thermostat is not met. And this is happening even after you have made sure that the mode is set on cool. Even after you get to know why this is happening, make sure to consult an AC replacement company in McKinney, TX.

Reasons Why Your AC Could Be Running Constantly

  • Your AC is small

You might discover that your AC is undersized for your house. The air coming from the vents of the AC is cool, but your home is not cooling down. You have noticed that on hot days, no matter how many times you have checked the temperature on the thermostat, it is not reached.

Air conditioners are manufactured based on their size. There is a chance that the AC you have for your house is smaller than ideal, and that is why it is running non-stop. This non-stop running reduces pressure in the cooling coil until it has frozen. This could potentially damage your very expensive unit, so contact an AC repair company in McKinney, TX.

Reduced airflow is when you are getting air from the vents of your air conditioner, but the airflow is weak. This could be a potential problem because of a dirty air filter. It could also be happening because the vents of the air conditioner are getting blocked by something.

So, your air conditioner could end up running for the whole day because the temperature you want your house to be is not happening. In this case, the solution is to change your air filter. You could choose to do it yourself or call for an expert from an AC replacement company in McKinney, TX.

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