Kelly Marc A

By far, the best experience I’ve had with a vendor randomly assigned by American Home Shield. The guy who answered the phone was courteous and efficient. He explained the window of time and assured me that someone would call when they were on the way (gasp!), he called! The technician identified the problem quickly (capacitors and amperages and other things I know nothing about) fixed it, then talked to me at length about options moving forward. he was extremely knowledgeable and best of all ladies and gentlemen, it’s below 80 degrees in my house n the middle of another relentless Texas summer for the first time since I moved here. P.S. They use Square for credit card transactions vs the ‘put the card on a piece of carbon paper and scrape with a pen’ method used by 99.9% of other vendors so, thank you for joining the rest of us in the 21st century Airmax!