Ramsay D.

AC quit on the hottest day of 17 so far and it was a Friday. We sweat through the night and Saturday morning I called Airmax expecting to be told it would be Monday. The nice lady on the phone told me she could have someone out later in the day I thanked her and left my contact info and asked if she would call with a definite time and she agreed. Not 30min later she called back and informed me that a tech had just finished a job near by and could check ours out before going to next job. I couldn’t believe it! Jimmy showed up and got right after it. I’m know AC specialist but know enough to get by. I told him I had shut the unit off immediately after it quit and he said I may have saved it from being worse. After replacing the run capacitor the unit was back up and running and the house was cooling off again! So the day after the the hottest day this summer we were back in business, less than 24hrs after it quit. Price was fair and service was great! Thanks Jimmy and Airmax!