Should You Spray And Clean Central Air Conditioner Unit Coils?

Should You Spray And Clean Central Air Conditioner Unit Coils?

Like other equipment, air conditioners require routine cleaning and maintenance to function correctly. When it comes to central AC, cleaning your air conditioner coils is critical to the system’s long-term health. Air conditioner coil cleaning is an essential aspect of AC maintenance in Celina that may help you save money, maintain efficiency, and extend the system’s life. Let Airmax Inc assist you with all types of AC service in Mckinney TX.

AC Coil: How Are They Essential?

While cleaning a central air conditioning unit, when the time comes to do maintenance on your air conditioning equipment, you’ll want to pay special attention to the components that are concealed from view.

When the evaporator coils on your air conditioner become too dusty, problems will arise. It can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, increase the likelihood of a breakdown, and reduce your team’s performance.

Why is it Essential to Clean Coils?

  •  Dirty coils can lead to reduced performance.
  •  Dirty coils can lead to reduced comfort.
  •  Dirty coils can lead to decreased cooling efficiency.
  •  Dirty coils can lead to increased cooling costs.
  •  Dirty coils can lead to system repairs or replacement.

Tips For AC Coils:

Cleaning the evaporator coils regularly is a must. Because evaporator coils are prone to gathering debris and grime, cleaning them at short intervals is suggested.

Look for an access panel anywhere near your air conditioner. You can get to the evaporator coil by removing the access panel. If you can’t find it, consult your air conditioning handbook to see where the evaporator coil is situated on the unit.

Cleaning AC coils:

It’s essential to clean AC coils correctly. It is especially critical when your air conditioner is working hard. It will assist in ensuring that your air conditioning is operating efficiently, saving you money on your power bill! Here is how you can proceed with it.

  •  AC coil cleaning using compressed air.
  •  Cleaning ac coils using commercial cleaners.
  •  Cleaning with homemade ac coil cleaner.
  •  Heavy-duty ac coil cleaning.
  •  Turn off the thermostat and the main power switch.
  •  Remove any leaves or dirt from the unit’s exterior.
  •  Straighten any bent fins using a cooling fin comb.
  •  Carefully remove the unit’s top. The fan motor can be mounted on the top. Place the top in a location where the fan blades and wires will not be harmed.
  •  Remove dirt and debris from the unit’s bottom. Vacuum the fins lightly with the brush attachment. Vacuuming over the fins can bend them, so use an up-and-down motion.
  •  Wait 5 minutes after spraying the exterior of the fins with a coil cleaning or detergent/water combination. Rinse the coil cleaner carefully with water using a garden sprayer. Spraying the fan motor should be avoided.
  •  Reassemble the system and turn on the main power switch. Set the temperature to

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