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Tioga, TX air conditioner & heater services by Airmax, Inc. We offer AC & heater repair, replacement, installation, maintenance, and more. All of our technicians are trained and certified so you can rest assured that you are putting your Tioga, TX air conditioning & heating services project in the right hands. We care about our customers with our service and encourage constructive reviews. We want our air conditioning & heating service to be the premium service it can be for our customers. Check out some of our reviews below.

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I had been without a working unit for about three months. In that three months, my home got as cold as 40 degrees as outside temperatures were in the teens. After 7 to 8 visits, the previous company STILL couldn't figure out what was wrong even after installing a new unit. Eventually they cut ties and left as my warranty company no longer did business with them leaving me stranded. A new tech from a different business comes out and cannot solve the problem and tells the warranty company he's stumped. At this point I'm left hopeless with a broken unit wondering if I'll ever get heat or AC. Enter Jimmy Shelton. Jimmy spent 4 1/2 hours diagnosing the problem, one of the longest he's said he's ever had to do. He even took the time to explain things and tell me what he was doing. A HUGE appreciation for me. In the matter of essentially one day, as the next say was simply bringing freon, Jimmy had my unit up and running. Now I hope it stays running, but if anything else happens, I know who I'm sending in. I'm sending in the Jimmy.

Jimmy S.

Jimmy S.

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