Top Four Common AC Myths Debunked 

Top Four Common AC Myths Debunked 

Top Four Common AC Myths Debunked 

We have a confession to make: we here at Airmax, Inc. – specialists in AC repair McKinney TX – love to do some myth-busting from time to time. Simply because the air conditioner is such a misunderstood appliance. If appliances were to appear in a movie about high school, the AC would be that kid who watches art-house movies and can quote obscure philosophers. They’re really cool (no pun intended), but not everyone gets it.

Well, we couldn’t just stand idly by and let our favorite appliance endure such alienation, so we decided to lend a helping hand by busting some myths about air conditioners. We’re talking about myths like:

Their Running Costs Are High

An AC needs electricity to do what it does best, i.e. provide us with cool air. So naturally, it does have an impact on one’s household energy consumption.

However, it is a myth that these costs are exorbitant. An AC’s energy consumption does depend on factors such as how often it’s used, what temperature it’s set at, etc., but there are numerous ways of increasing energy efficiency such as:

  • Keeping blinds and curtains closed
  • Regularly changing filters
  • Adhering to service schedules
  • Increasing the temperature by a degree or two
  • Keeping heat sources away from the thermostat
  • Checking for leaks and, should you find any, having them repaired as soon as possible by a specialist in AC repair McKinney TX.

AC’s Don’t Require Maintenance

Our response to this one is an emphatic: WRONG!

It’s a piece of machinery, of course it needs maintenance. How often a tune-up or service is needed depends largely on usage, but it’s recommended to have your air conditioner serviced twice annually. This will help to ensure that everything is still running smoothly.

Air Conditioners Are Bad For The Environment

While it’s certainly true that the ACs of yesteryear weren’t exactly green, so to speak. Modern incarnations are decidedly more eco-friendly.

Older air conditioners used harmful chemicals for their refrigerants and some produced CFC emissions. However, modern innovations in the field have ensured that the environmental impact of air conditioners are truly minimal and that they may be used with a clear conscience.

Anyone Can Install And Repair An Air Conditioner

Certainly not! Besides it being incredibly dangerous for an inexperienced person to install or repair an AC, improper installation can also result in the equipment failing and the warranty being voided. You really don’t want to be taking those kinds of risks, especially where safety is concerned.

While air conditioners have been designed for maximum safety, one must keep in mind that it’s still an appliance comprising of various moving parts as well as the presence of high voltages that should only be worked on by a qualified professional.

We really don’t want to see you get hurt or damaging your air conditioner. If you’re looking at having a unit installed or find yourself in need of AC repair McKinney TX, rather give us a call on (972) 382-3200. Don’t feel like calling? That’s okay, we understand. Just go ahead and fill out the form on our Contact page.

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