What To Consider When Buying A Ductless AC

What To Consider When Buying A Ductless AC

Technology moves forward constantly, providing us with comfort and better life quality. If you are on the hunt for a new air conditioner, you should get acquainted with the ductless mini-split system. Thankfully, Airmax Inc is at your service and can perform a ductless air conditioning installation Frisco TX whenever you decide to. Ductwork is a tricky business and can often create many unwanted problems. Why choose a troublesome system when you can avoid the hustle? After all, it’s summer and you should be as carefree as possible. To save you valuable time and effort, we have gathered here some basic but important information you need to know about ductless ACs.

What Are Ductless Air Conditioners?

Ductless air conditioners are also known as mini-split air conditioners. Like central AC systems, they are comprised of an outdoor condenser and an indoor unit, which is connected by a conduit. They are the perfect choice for every homeowner who prefers comfort and efficiency. Although mini-split systems are pricey, you definitely get value for money. Usually, ducts tend to be problematic, especially if the initial work that was done was sloppy and messy. With time, you will probably have to pay much more to repair the damages.

Choosing The “Zones” In Your Home

When choosing a mini-split system it’s important to think about single and multiple zones. A single zone air conditioner has one outdoor and one indoor unit and it’s ideal for a relatively small house. If there are many rooms in your house, you should probably consider a multiple zone AC. That means you have one outdoor unit, the compressor, and two to four indoor units. The units function independently and you can set a different temperature to each one. Before you make any choices, you should also consider the BTUs, namely the power your AC needs in order to cool a room. For larger rooms, you will need more BTUs. Contact Airmax Inc and schedule a ductless air conditioning installation Frisco TX for the best results you can get.

Installation Of Your Unit

Ductless air conditioners offer you many options regarding the installation type. The indoor unit can be wall-mounted and in that case, you can customize the panel according to your desire. Additionally, you can have a ceiling unit, which can be either recessed or concealed. Remember that ceiling unit require single-zone systems exclusively. If you want a ductless air conditioning installation in Frisco, TX, you have to hire an HVAC professional. It is essential that skilled technicians take on the installation so that everything is done properly. Airmax Inc is a company you can trust. It is family-owned, has over 29 years of experience, and is comprised of trained and certified professionals, who put your desires first. End the unbearable heat and sweat and enjoy your summer to the fullest. Taste the amazing experience of having a ductless air conditioning installation in Frisco, TX by simply calling Airmax Inc at (972) 382-3200. Be sure to Contact Us.

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