Why Filter Choices Matter when it Comes to your Family’s Health

Why Filter Choices Matter when it Comes to your Family’s Health

Why Filter Choices Matter when it comes to your Family’s Health
One in three people in the world today experiences some form of allergies. With such an annoying prevalence in our society, air conditioning manufacturers are starting to take note. If your children suffer from seasonal allergies or you find yourself with headaches, sinus pressure, and itchy eyes from dust, what can you do?

An Alarming Finding

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates the average person experiences up to 72% of their exposure to harsh chemicals at home in the air. While we think of our homes as a place of safety and relaxation, they may not be as healthy as we thought. Don’t let your family get exposed to harmful chemicals and allergens. Take action!

Work with the Right HVAC Contractor in Celina, TX

We’re aware of the problems leading to poor air quality in the home. We’ll help you achieve cleaner air by inspecting your ductwork, helping you reduce moisture in the home, and recommending the right filters for your family.
Start making your air quality better today with these easy steps. Use this list from Airmax Inc. to take control over allergies. Stop them from wreaking havoc on your family’s health.

  • Control Moisture: Your HVAC equipment is meant to balance the humidity in your home. When you turn down the thermostat to get air conditioning, your AC should remove some humidity from the air. Excess humidity is the breeding ground for mold in your ductwork and around the home. Check your attic and basement as well as the main floors of your home.
  • Do a Clean Sweep: Remove dirt, dust, and pollen tracked into the home. Did you know pet dander can come into any home on shoes and clothing? Regular sweeping, vacuuming and mopping will help reduce allergens.
  • Filters Matter: Choose the right kind of filters to get the best air quality for your family. A standard filter only works to keep contaminants out of the HVAC system, but it doesn’t actually improve air quality. Ask your Airmax Inc. technician to recommend a pleated HEPA filter that will help improve your air quality. Remember to change it frequently, once every one to three months so it can do it’s job effectively.
  • Ban Cigarettes: Smoking ruins home air quality and is hard to get out. Tars stick to walls and the additives and chemicals circulate the home. If you smoke, keep it to the outdoors.
  • Do a Radon Test: Checking the radon levels in your home is important whether your home is new or old.

You don’t make 29 years in the business as an HVAC contractor in Celina, TX without being a continuous resource for quality service. That’s what sets Airmax Inc. apart from the basic service you’ll find with other area contractors. If you need work done in your home, call us to schedule installation, maintenance, or repair work today by calling (972) 382-3200.

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