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Why is AC not cooling enough?

Air conditioners are no longer a thing of luxury; it has turned into a necessity with temperatures soaring high during the summer months especially in states such as Texas. Imagine returning home after work to find that your air conditioner is not cooling adequately. You are sure to be left sweating and panting, and absolutely frustrated. In such a situation, the first thing you must do is seek AC repair McKinney TX. But if you are wondering why your brand-new air conditioning unit won’t work, you have hit the right page. In an air conditioner, a balanced combination of airflow, temperature and pressure work to provide a cooling effect. There are many reasons which could be responsible for improper cooling from the air conditioner. In case the problem of AC does not get sorted with repair, you have to consider AC replacement McKinney TX.

Some probable reasons for the air conditioner not cooling enough

There are many reasons which might lead to the air conditioner not cooling enough. Some of them are as follows:

  • Thermostat problems–The thermostat in the air conditioner device acts like a sensor which senses the room temperature and the compressor is directed for cooling or not cooling. Malfunctioning of the thermostat is a common cause impaired cooling. There also might be issues in the circuit or the batteries might be dead. Try changing the batteries and check if the thermostat works. If it doesn’t, simply call a professional.
  • Undersized air conditioner – This is one of the most common reasons behind a room not cooling properly. The air conditioner that is installed is not suitable as per the size of the room. If an undersized machine is installed in a big room, obviously the cooling effects will be low. Sizing parameters are important before purchasing an air conditioner.
  • Dirty air filters–Air filters are the first thing that professionals check after coming for servicing or repairing the air conditioning machines. Generally, dust and dirt get accumulated in the filters and block the flow of air from circulating. It is recommended to clean the filters on a regular basis so that there is uninterrupted air flow.
  • Low levels of refrigerant–Refrigerant is a very important fluid which helps in absorbing heat from surrounding air and cools the same. If the levels of refrigerant are low in the air conditioner or the refrigerant has run dry, your unit may cease to work. Sometimes, a leakage of this coolant as well can lead to reduced cooling.
  • Faulty compressor–It is the compressor, which is the heart of air conditioning system. The coolant, or refrigerant is compressed and that is circulated through the evaporator coils and the condenser. A faulty compressor will not carry out these functions and thus no cooling will take place. AC repair McKinney, TX for compressor should be done by experienced professionals only.

As soon as you locate the problem of not cooling of the air conditioner machine, work on it. Don’t leave the work for later as more problems might crop up and finally lead to AC replacement McKinney TX, which will be very expensive. If you are dealing with a faulty air conditioning unit, contact Airmax, Inc. – a trustworthy HVAC service provider for all your heating and cooling needs. Contact (972) 382-3200 today.