Why Is It Unsafe To Run Your AC Without A Filter?

Why Is It Unsafe To Run Your AC Without A Filter?

An AC balances the temperature and makes the hot weather bearable. Your AC needs care and maintenance for the best results. If you are looking for air conditioning maintenance and AC repair in Frisco, we can help you.

Why is an AC Filter Needed?

The AC filter is located in your air duct or furnace. It cleans the air as it traps toxic substances or dirty pollutants. The benefits an AC filter provide are:

  • It prevents the harmful particle from entering the internal parts of the AC
  • It captures both small particles like dust and large particles like pet fur, wood, or metal residues
  • It improves the air quality by capturing the bacteria
  • Air quality also determines the health

Why is Using AC Without a Filter Risky?

Using an AC without a filter is never recommended due to many reasons. It spoils the performance of your AC, but it can also cause internal damage and many other issues. The problems that you are going to face due to the absence of a filter in an AC are:

Poor Air Quality

The main purpose of an AC filter is to trap harmful particles to enhance the air quality, and the absence of an AC filter can cause a downfall in air quality.

Problems in Motor and Ductwork

As there is no filter, the dirt and other particles will enter the motor and ductwork, which can damage these parts.

Effect on Health

As the air quality is not filtered, the toxic components can cause many health issues related to lungs, breathing, and skin.

Some Other Consequences of Neglecting The Replacement of AC Filter:

  •  More energy consumption
  •  Higher electricity bills
  •  Risky for those who are already suffering from some health issues
  •  Risk of severe damage to internal parts
  •  Expensive repairing services

Why do You Need to Replace The AC Filter?

Though you may feel that cleaning an AC filter can be done without a professional’s help, the mechanism and structure of an AC are a bit more complicated than other electronics. For this reason, one should appoint an experienced technician to replace the AC filters. The technician will let you know whether your filters need to be cleaned or replaced and fix your problem accordingly. If you are searching for something like AC repair in Frisco, then Airmax is your solution.

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