Why Should You Close The Entrance Inside An Air Conditioned Room?

Why Should You Close The Entrance Inside An Air Conditioned Room?

Air conditioners function to keep the room cool against the humidity and scorching rays of the sun. There are a lot of theories that come to the surface when it comes to saving energy bills and keeping your room cooler. You must have heard that to keep the room cooler, one should ventilate the room by letting the doors and windows open. 

Let us tell you that keeping the door open while your HVAC system is still on is a complete myth. Many people believe this system of letting the door open will allow the air to circulate more. Hence, the room will be fresher and cooler. It has nothing to do with keeping the room cooler.

At Airmax, we recommend you not to follow this method. To keep your room from getting humid, you are requested to close all the outlets in your room. 

How to ensure that your room is leak-proof?

The window and entrance should be closed properly. Behind the closed door, warm air from the outside cannot enter the room.

  • A well-insulated room allows your HVAC system to work efficiently.
  • Small spaces and gaps need to be covered so that no air passes through them.
  • Blinds need to be closed properly.

Allowing outside air to cool the room means inviting dust and the formation of molds inside your air conditioner. Family members will inhale harmful dust, reducing the room’s indoor air quality. This could keep on re-circulating throughout your house. The development of any unwanted living bacteria and dust often coats the coils and other parts of the device.

It could also lead to the breakdown of your system and call for a replacement of your system. We provide the best AC replacement services in Frisco. Schedule our services, and one of our teammates will help you with your queries.

Air conditioners maintain the temperature of the room according to your wishes. A thermostat regulates the temperature by switching on and off as it comes in contact with the room temperature. It doesn’t create an uncomfortable room for a person to stay in. Every AC has a built-in feature that neither allows the room to become too cold nor too humid.

Letting the warm fresh air enter the room will only counteract the intense work of your device to keep the room cool. The humid air will balance out with the cool air. Then, you need to set the temperature higher to keep the room moist-free.

Another aspect worth remembering is that opening the door will make the device work continuously.

  • It will lead to a hike in the energy bills.
  • Over-usage might lead to a malfunction in the system.
  • Due to prolonged usage, parts of the device might be damaged and worn out.

It is crucial to block all the spaces and gaps available in the room. Doors and windows should be closed. Keeping your doors and windows closed is essential for your AC to work efficiently. Or else it might show signs of malfunction.

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