y Preston Rich

My AC went out, I called American Home Shield and they called around and got AirMAx to make my service call as an emergency because I have an 8 month old infant son living in the house. AirMAx was the ONLY; and I mean O-N-L-Y company in the DFW AHS network that made time for me in their totally booked schedule to service my need the same day! From the time that Kyle showed up at my house to diagnose my problem, I knew that AirMax was the right company for my job. EVERYONE was excellent, but Kyle really set the tone and set my expectation for the rest of the AirMax experience. AirMax’s scheduler; Betty, is my new best friend as she worked with the heavy schedule to get my new AC unit installed in less than 48 hours! Francisco and Charlie were at my house ON TIME; as promised, and installed my unit. I was particularly impressed with the fact that co-owners Brian and his brother Scott actually deliver some AC units to the install techs personally (Brian delivered mine). If you ever need AC fixed and fixed right, call AirMax in Celina, Texas. They will get the job done! The receptionist, Betty, even the man who called me about the maintenance plan were all super courteous when I called! I am highly impressed with AirMax! As a college professor, I teach people courses in management and stress the importance of the customer relationship. Air Max has aced this course. As an AF vet, I strongly stress the word ACE!!!The company culture is one that is set up to take care of the customer. Kudos to the owners!!!